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Rug Care Tips

For more information on professional rug cleaning, please visit our rug services page. For tips on how to prolong and protect your rug, please follow our guidelines below.

Protection at Home

1) Vacuuming
An oriental rug should be vacuumed at least once a week, preferably with a heavy-suction style vacuum as opposed to a friction-beater style machine.

2) Turning the Rug Around/Rotating the Ends of the Rug
Rugs should be turned once a year and it is a MUST to turn them at least every two years.

3) Alternate Traffic Patterns
This is necessary to prevent more wear in one area than in another, and to prevent “traffic lanes” from occurring as in wall-to-wall carpeting.

4) Moths
When a rug is regularly vacuumed or located in a well used room, it is less likely to have moth damage. Moths work in secluded, undisturbed areas, such as under a bed, skirted sofa, or heavy furniture. When vacuuming, move furniture occasionally and clean under it. Homes not well ventilated or rooms closed for long periods of time are more likely to have moth problems. Moth damage can drastically reduce the value of an oriental rug.

5) Sunlight
Direct, unbroken sunlight will gradually fade an oriental rug. To avoid fading damage, cover windows with drapes, curtains, or shutters to block strong morning or afternoon sunlight.

Special Problems

1) Plants or Flowerpots
Live plants and flowers requiring water should never be placed directly on an oriental rug. Dampness from the bottom of the pots will cause mildew and rot, gradually destroying the fibers of the rug and resulting in drastic damage to the rug. Plants should be in a stand, preferably on wheels, with space between the pot and the rug, allowing air to circulate. Use a container under the flowerpot to avoid water dripping onto the rug.

2) Stains
Spots or stains that cannot be removed from an oriental rug reduce its value. Stains such as coffee, tea, cola, or soft drinks such as Kool-Aid, red wine, animal stains, etc. cannot be totally removed once the spot has dried. Animals, if permitted, will continually soil the same spot or area, producing the very worst type of stain. Immediately contact a professional rug cleaner when any of these stains occur.

3) Storage
Always store rugs inside the home at room temperature. Do not store in attics that can get too hot or in garages that can get damp as this could cause a rug to dry rot and become brittle. The rug should be inspected and vacuumed at least once a year.

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